Children’s book about a brave girl with muscular dystrophy

How often do you see someone in a wheelchair in a TV series? Or is there a story about frame running in the newspaper? That should happen much more often, we think. That this is important is also confirmed by child psychologists. Role models ensure that everyone realizes that limitations are part of life. “When your seven-year-old looks at the news and thinks: wow, I look like that other child. That is extremely important.”

That’s why we made a children’s book about a brave girl with muscular dystrophy, who is dependent on her wheelchair.

The writers are three international students studying/who have studied at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. They got inspired to write the book Muscle on Wheels, in order to create awareness and understanding of the rare muscle disease MDC1A.

The children’s book is available in five different languages and sold at

The Dutch version of Muscle on wheels: Spieren op wielen.