An overview of the publications in the media about the GYM-project


Professor Bert Smeets on the Dutch radioprogram ‘De nieuws BV’ on Radio 1.

A newsitem on the Dutch Radio1 program with professor Bert Smeets. You can listen the interview back here.



The article in the Dutch newspaper Het Belang van Limburg

An article in the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg: the University of Hasselt investigates whether stem cells can regenerate muscle strenght. Read the article over here.





The article in Dutch newspaper De Limburger

An article in the newspaper the Dutch newspaper De Limburger about Hidde, who suffers from the rare muscle disease MDC1A. Read it over here.




The item on TV Limburg.

TV Limburg made a reportage about the international collaboration. You can watch it over here.




The project also got noticed by the Belgium media. VRT NWS wrote this article. Het Belang van Limburg published this piece about the project on their website. Newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws also paid attention to the international collaboration, and so did Focus op Hasselt.
An interview with Rosaria Aiello in a well read Italian Blog