BIOMED is a multidisciplinary institute where fundamental as well as applied scientific research, innovation and education are carried out in a stimulating academic environment within the domain of life sciences. The Exercise Physiology and Sports Medical Center (ADLON) investigate the consequences of long-term inactivity due to a sedentary lifestyle or illness on exercise capacity, strength and function of skeletal muscles and various metabolic factors. In this context and in function of the GYM project goals, the team of Prof. Op ‘t Eijnde and dr. Charly Keytsman provides expertise for measuring functional muscle strength in patients and evaluating muscle mass and muscle strength of skeletal muscles in experimental animals. Histochemistry of both human / test animal muscles are examined using standard muscle staining assays. In addition, the team provides expertise in motion science to prepare the correct (eccentric) training load to promote muscle damage and inflammatory reactions.

Because of the current sharp increase in sedentary lifestyle, overweight, various chronic conditions and aging, many suffer from a physiological profile that is related to inactivity. As a result, among others, the number of people with muscle breakdown and functional muscle loss is increasing. In this context and from a ‘from bench to bed site’ principle, the Exercise Physiology and Sports Medical Center examines which rehabilitation strategies and/or exercise therapy protocols can remedy this. The presenting innovative cross-border project GYM matches these research objectives in every aspect. After all, rehabilitation/exercise therapy supplemented with the proposed stem cell therapy seem to be very additional, which may create new opportunities to improve lost muscle mass/strength. In this way, the results of the GYM project can be directly translated to the current research by the Exercise Physiology and Sports Medical Center. In particular, research into the effects of cancer, age or disuse on muscle mass and the possibility of restoring this with muscle stem cell therapy fits in seamlessly with this. Key will be how rehabilitation after the treatment should be given shape and an increased muscle mass can be converted in to improved functioning and quality of life.


The company established within the GYM project contributes to the development and outgrow of economical projects within the life sciences sector. It is a key focus of BIOMED to contribute to the social and economic development of the EMR, which can be achieved by the GYM project.