The famous Dutch kickboxer Rico Verhoeven has been an ambassador of Stichting Voor Sara since 2017. The foundation is one of the patientorganisations involved in the GYM-project. Since the start of the foundation Verhoeven has been fighting full force for the research and treatment for MDC1A.

Rico Verhoeven: ,,The story of Sara and all the other MDC1A-patients touched my heart. Perhaps even more so because I am a father myself, but also because I realized through Sara’s story that it is not a given thing that you can move freely and go through life without worrying about health. I felt it was my mission to do everything I could to help. I want to achieve the goals of this foundation and help to end the suffering that lies behind this disease as quickly as possible.”

Chairman Bram Verbrugge of Stichting Voor Sara: ,,We are very grateful that Rico supports us. He is great ambassador and friend for Sara and us and he’s supporting us in our fight for a more healthy future for all MDC1A-patients. We couldn’t wish for a better ambassador!”

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